One of the four playable heroes in Siege Mode. A moderately powerful hero with good supporting abilities.

Warrior Liche
Some attributes
First Race: Undead
Second Sex: Unknown
Third Range: melee
Other attributes
Fourth Weapons: Staff and Mace
Fifth Cost: 25 Dark energy

Stats & Passives Edit

HP: 250 +17 per level

Damage: 15 +.3 per level

FROM THE GRAVE: Costs 75 Dark Energy, enemy's killed have a 50% chance to be reincarnated as a skeleton warrior.

DEATH BLADE: Costs 75 Dark Energy, when hitting an enemy, a health and damage bonus is given to nearby Units.

SKELETON MASTER: Cost 100 Dark Energy, all skeletons take -25% damage and deal +35% damage.

How to Use Edit

Though the Warrior Liche has a lower HP than the other heroes, his skeleton perks make up for it. The Warrior Liche is a support class hero, which means that he/she is best used for supporting units, etc.

While using the Warrior Liche, you'll want to concentrate more on your units and upgrading your armor and health, because of the lack of the warrior liches HP. Remember, the Warrior Liche is a support class, so use that to your advantage when your on the field by purchasing upgrades for your units. And use a good variety of units, just don't send out all of the same, for sending out all different units will be more difficult for the enemy to deal with than all of the same units.