All Heroes have 5 main stats that can increase upon leveling up or be increased with Skill points and one stat that is completly static.

The stats that can increase are Health, Attack, Armor, Run, and Critical. Range is a static value classified as either melee or a predefined distance.

Health - The amount of damage you can take before you die, when you die you lose.

Attack - The average damage you will inflict upon foes before enemy armor or your critical bonus is applied.

Armor - Both a direct damage reduction to damage inflicted to you (some enemies may ignore a certain % of your armor)  and resistance to being knocked down which is 100% resistance at 10 armor.

Run - How long you can run consistantly before you run meter is empty, this value is stated in seconds.

Critical - Your chance to inflict a critical hit which does 50% more damage and may have an additional knockback effect depending on the hero. This value is stated in % chance.