A valiant knight that focuses on singular unit damage and high durability.

Some attributes
First Race: Human
Second Sex: Male
Third Range: Melee
Other attributes
Fourth Weapons: Sword & Shield
Fifth Special Unit: Crusader


Active Skills:

Hero Strike A huge attack that causes medium damage in a wide arc.
Taunt Temporarily increases armor and forces enemies in the area to attack you.
Valiant Charge

Charge in a straight line, damaging and knocking back all enemies in your path.

Passive Skills:

Counter Attack Gives a chance to heavily damage and knock back enemies that attack you.
Heavy Armor Allows you to take less damage from enemy attacks.
Leadership Gives a chance to recruit a Captain to lead your Peon and

Pikeman units, free of cost.



Once the right hand knight of Nogoth, Kain wears the unmistakable armor of the Black Guard, the highest level bodyguards in all the kingdom.But now he serves the King instead of Nogoth ever since he became a Fallen Lord



Burion the Red wears no sigil, and holds no allegiance to any kingdom. He fights to protect the King himself, not his people or lands.