The campaign is a gamemode where there's a story in it and you will play as the good side.

You can chooose to fight in 2 castles: corte and hinton.


The story is about, 6 heroes. The Knight, the assassin, the Paladin, the Engineer, the Druid the Ranger the Mage and the Clockwork Veteran, need to protect the castle and the king from the Evil Army.


Mission Story Description

At first it was only a few, shambling towards the impregnable stronghold. They could sense the King dying.

2 The rift is slowly growing, and more are flooding through. The heroes will not fail... they can't. They would die for their King.
3 More came. The council sends word with their fastest steed to the neighboring Lords for aid. If they do not come, it will surely be the death of them all.
4 No word for days. Do they not understand the gravity of the request? Have they been overwhelmed? In any case the castle of Hinton will be on its own.
5 The King sits in his throne, motionless. He does not need to inspire his men with words for they are loyal to the end.
6 Orcs and their Goblin brethren... Vile creatures with no loyalties, not even to themselves. The scouts have spotted an incoming attack.
7 The rift is growing each day... The royal guard call on the witches to preform more sacrifices. The king wont be able to keep the gate closed much longer!
8 Thier ranks begin to swell. Skeleton Captains call forth their soldiers of the damned, giving them a renewed vigor. The heroes are unsure of how much longer they can hold out.
9 The Orcs and Goblins' attacks are no longer random, unorganized raids. Have they allied with the damned? What could they have promised these beats in return for their loyalties?
10 The witches pray at the feet of the King. If only he were still able to fight alongside his people.They say he would be able to halt an entire army, single handedly.
11 The castle has been under siege for months. The season has changed, and it is now the dead of Winter. Food is low, and morale is even lower.
12 They say the King was a kind man, though no one has heard him speak for decades. His sacrifice alon tells the story.
13 When the first Necromancers dabbled in the Dark Arts, the consequences were unknown. Nogoth the Vile was the first of the Fallen Lords.
14 The fear is palpable, as the men and women retreat deeper behind the walls.
15 Everyone in all directions knows the story of Nogoth the Vile. He was once a man. Not just any man, but the High Priest of the King. They say he was like a brother to him.
16 It was a dark day, countless years ago when the king was struck by the ancient Fell Blade, a poisonous, black sword which was said to be able to kill even a god with a single strike.
17 That day, years ago, the King was mortally wounded by the Fell Blade, and the people were already clamoring for the High Priest Nogoth's head if he were not able to save him.
18 Nogoth loved his King, and despite all the King's power and magics, he spiraled closer towards death. The High Priest had no choice but call on magic that was cursed.
19 Nogoth the first of the Fallen Lords, called on powers from dark to save the King. It was this selfless act that sealed his fate.
20 Its been many seasons now, and the siege has no ended. The King is barelt holding on now...
21 As if the very land itself is withering beneath the feet of the legions of the damned, the ground has turned gray and the sky black... the land will never be the same again.
22 It is said that when the king awoke from his slumber, cured of the poison of the Fell Blade, he banished Nogoth once learning of the dark magic he used.
23 Nogoth, once the High Priest of the King, was forced to live on his own after his banishment. The seed was already planted, but he had no choice but to further pursue the Dark Arts to survive.
24 As decades passed Nogoth had all but lost his mind, and had become the vile creature he is today. The necromancer is the reason the king has become what he has become...
25 When the "Gate to Hell" was first opened by Nogoth it shook the world's foundations. Only the King and all his glory was able to stop it... but not without a cost.
26 As more of the Damned come the heroes pray at the feet of the King. His body is nothing more than a withered tomb for his soul now. Even still they say he can hear your prayers.
27 In order to close the Gate to Hell the King summoned all of his power and magics in one burst of energy. The backlash was too much even for him...
28 Ever since, the Great King has been fighting to keep the Gate closed. Dozens of sacrifices are made daily to keep his body alive.
29 Perhaps it is simply his time. The witches say he has lived in excruciating agony for decades... no one would blame the king were he to finally fall.
30 If the King were to die there will only be the Heroes of Hinton Castle standing in the enemy's way... And if it is their time to die too? It is a good day for it.
31 [Endless] They will never stop, not until the King and his Heroes are dust. Fight on for as long as you can...Fight on for the good of the King... for the good of the people.

For specifics on enemies see the Level Guide